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March 3, 2018

35 + Things to Do in Cape Coral Area *Kids Edition*


35+ Things to do in Cape Coral *Kids Edition*


Cayo Costa State Park - https://www.floridastateparks.org/park/Cayo-Costa

Sunsplash Water park - http://sunsplashwaterpark.com/hours/

Cape Harbour Dolphin Tour - https://bananabaytourcompany.com/sunset-dolphin-cruise.html

Zoomers - http://www.zoomersamusementpark.com/index.cfm

Sanibel Beach, Ft. Myers Beach, Venice Beach, 

Parasailing Ft. Myers Beach - http://www.paradiseparasail.com

Mini golf  or Laser Tag - https://tropicalbreezefunpark.com

Fishing boat trip - Google it - Lots to choose from

Skating rink Ft. Myers - http://gobamboozles.com/  Has Kids Skate free Program also

Ice Skating -http://fmskatium.org

Movies - https://www.marqueecinemas.com/location/26200/Coralwood-10  During Summer has free movie program

Shell Factory and Nature Park - https://www.shellfactory.com/

Lion Country Safari - http://www.lioncountrysafari.com

Splash Pad at Fellowship Park - http://capechristian.com/park-cafe/

Naples Zoo - http://www.napleszoo.org/

Naples Botanical gardens - https://www.naplesgarden.org/

Imaginarium - http://theimag.org/

Lakes Park - http://www.leegov.com/parks/facility?fid=0101

Sky Zone - https://www.skyzone.com/fortmyers/

Everglades Wonder Gardens - http://evergladeswondergardens.com/

Jumping Jacks - http://www.jumpatjacks.com/

Golisanos Children Museaum of Naples - https://www.cmon.org/

Yacht Club Pool & Beach - https://www.capecoral.net/department/parks_and_recreationhome/yacht_club_community_pool/index.php

Pet Kingdom - http://www.petkingdom.org/

Mike Greenwells - http://www.greenwellsfamilyfunpark.com/

Bowling - Has a kids book free program - http://www.bowlandcenters.com/index.php/bowling-centers/bowland-cape-coral  http://headpinz.com/index.php/locations/headpinz-cape-coral

Skate Park - https://www.capecoral.net/department/parks_and_recreationhome/eagles_skate_park/index.php

Parks - https://www.capecoral.net/department/parks_and_recreationhome/parks.php

Escape Rooms Cape Coral- https://www.escapethecapefl.com

Miracles Baseball Game - http://www.milb.com/index.jsp?sid=t509

Cape Harbour -Tues Nights Block Party Live Music - 6pm to 10pm 5848 Cape Harbour Drive Cape Coral FL 33914 

Libraries - https://www.leegov.com/library/branches/cc

Tropical Twisters - Gymnastics - http://tropical-twisters.com/

Southern Starz Gymnastics- http://www.southernstarzgymnastics.org/

City of Cape Coral Recreation Classes - https://www.capecoral.net/department/parks_and_recreationhome/index.php

Sunset Festival at Yacht Club - 4-7pm 1st Wed. Of every month - https://www.facebook.com/events/1374318959540766/

Butterfly Garden- Rotary Park - https://www.capecoral.net/department/parks_and_recreationhome/rotary_park_environmental_center/index.php

SWFL Military Museum - http://swflmm.org/

Cape Coral Historical Museum - http://www.capecoralhistoricalmuseum.org/

Flea Market - http://www.fleamall.com/

Revolution Cable Water Sports - http://www.revolutioncable.com/

Kayaking and Paddleboarding - Matlacha http://gulfcoastkayak.com/   Cape Coral - https://www.capecoral.net/Eco%20Rates%20and%20Map_Website%202018%20colorful.pdf

Fishing - if over 18 get required permits http://www.myfwc.com/

Picnic or Grill out at a park - 

Ding Darling - https://www.fws.gov/refuge/jn_ding_darling/


March 3, 2018

Revolution Cable

Fast Forward to the 1:00 minute mark for the park. Everything from this page copied from http://www.revolutioncable.com/

In 2003 the Revolution Cable Park idea was spawned. Today it is a reality. The cable system is a Ski Rixen Model, with 5 towers and runs in a normal counter-clockwise direction. The park encompasses approximately 20 acres and includes a 3/4 mile nature trail along one of the most pristine wetlands in the area with the addition of 270 recently planted native trees and 4,200 native plants.

The cable is operated at approximately 19 miles per hour allowing riders to wakeboard, kneeboard, ski or wakeskate. 7 riders can be on the system at one time, if you fall while riding, it is just a short swim to shore and walk back to the start dock where you can be riding again in minutes.

The system is run by the use of electricity and does not require any gasoline for operation. You will be surprised by the ease of riding on the system and the lack of engine noise when compared to riding behind a boat. In addition to those positives, the use of the cable system infuses 5 tons of oxygen per year into the lake water which helps the plants and fish as well as clarifies the water.

Our goal at Revolution is to ensure that all riders have a safe and fun time. We pride ourselves on being family oriented. So stop by, check us out, and let the fun begin.


From 75

1. take exit 143, head west on bayshore road for 0.8 miles

2. turn RIGHT onto first st.

3. take an immediate LEFT onto EAST ST. for 0.4 miles

4. ride.


Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

Wednesday thru Friday – 1 PM to 7 PM

Saturday and Sunday – 12 Noon to 7 PM


So how does it work? How do you ride without a boat?

Suspended in the air by a series of towers surrounding a small lake, an overhead cable rotates in a counterclockwise motion around the lake. Along the cable are seven carriers from which ski ropes will attach to and pull a rider or skier around the lake.

How do you start?

You start off at the starting dock, rope in hand, with the other end of the rope in the magazine next to the cable awaiting a carrier. The cable operator sends your rope out as the carrier arrives, it hooks the rope and continues on its way, pulling you off the starting dock and out onto the water.

How fast does the cable pull riders?

Revolution Cable runs at 18.5 mph

What happens if you fall?

You simply swim to shore with your helmet and life jacket on and walk back to the starting dock. The distance is short and time is minimal before you’re out on the water riding again.

How many people can ride at the same time?

With cable’s ability to tow many people at the same time, groups of people can be catered to much more easily than behind a boat. The beauty and value of cable is that it opens up wakeboarding to the masses, thanks to the reduced costs of running and the higher number of people it’s possible to pull at any one time.

Is it limited to wakeboarding only?

No. Even though wakeboarding clearly dominates the cable scene these days, you still occasionally see people on two skis, slaloming, or kneeboarding, though MUCH less often.

How does it compare to riding behind the boat?

It’s a slightly different kind of pull. Since the angle of the rope is higher on the cable than behind the boat, you get more lift and, potentially, more hang time. This is one reason you see such awesome tricks like double S-bends on the cable, a rare occurrence if ever behind the boat.

How much does it cost to ride?

It depends on your situation but here are some examples:

If it’s your first time at the park and you are a beginner the First Timer’s Pass is the way to go. With this you get a 2 hour cable pass, rental life jacket, rental helmet, use of a standard rental board (non-obstacle wakeboard with kiteboard foot straps), skis, kneeboard, wakeskate, disk and basic instruction all for $30+tax=$31.80.

If you have ridden at another cable or behind a boat you can bring all your equipment to the cable, making sure to grab your Coast Guard Approved life jacket (comp vests are not allowed).  Bringing your own gear reduces the cost to ride at the cable park.  Helmets must be acceptable for water use and must cover your temples. Hourly rates are explained in the Rates tab above.

Two hour cable pass, 2hr jacket rental, 2hr helmet rental, board with boots, non-obstacle =$44+tax = $46.64

Two hour cable pass, 2hr jacket rental, 2hr helmet rental, Obstacle board with boots = $54+tax=$57.24

What about sliders and kickers?

Kickers and sliders are to be used by advanced riders only. We have various obstacles out on the Cable Course to keep those more experienced  riders entertained.
NOTE: You must have your own equipment to use any of the obstacles or grab one of our Obstacle board Packages.
With sliders and kickers the number of tricks you can do on the cable goes up exponentially. Not only can you do air tricks, but you can also throw every kind of spin or mob imaginable.

What about wakeskating on the cable?

Cable is without a doubt a wakeskater’s dream.  With all the obstacles available and the fact that you can fall a million times and get right back and keep riding all day long working on your shuvits, varials, spins, etc., it’s no wonder that we’re seeing wakeskaters now comprising almost 25-30% or more of all riders on the cable.

Are there a lot of riders crossing over between boat and cable?

Yes, there’s definitely a crossover. And there’s a real advantage to it  too. Tricks are the same on either, and cable is a terrific teaching tool. Cable definitely helps your boat riding and vice versa. It’s great cross-training. Mike Ferraro, one of the world’s top wakeboard and waterski coaches, regularly advises his students and elite athletes to cross-train on the cable whenever possible.

How do you do those “big air” tricks?

Unlike the boat, where you ride up the wake to get air, on the cable you lean back to set your edge and load the line to build up tension, then snap the board behind you to launch yourself into the air. Do it right and you’re launched like a sling shot! Once in the air, the entire menu of tricks is at your disposal.

How can you call it cable wakeboarding when there is no wake?

You ride using a wakeboard. It’s that simple. It’s still wakeboarding because every single trick that has been, is now, or ever could be thrown behind a boat can and is being thrown on the cable. The tricks are identical. Boat or cable, the sport is still the same. It’s just a slightly different method to the same awesome madness.

There’s no cable park where I live. Where can I find one?

More cable parks are being planned around the world every year. Hopefully one will be in your area very soon! In the meantime, cablewakeboard.com is a  Worldwide Directory of Cable Parks to find one nearest you.

What happen during times of inclement weather?

Revolution Cable Park will attempt to offer uninterrupted service and remain open as long as possible when there is inclement weather. Our goal is to offer the best guest service possible without compromising the safety of our guests and staff.

When inclement weather occurs, Revolution Cable Park will respond in the following manner:


The Cable Park will remain open during rain showers unless the staff is unable to clearly see the far side of the lake. If this occurs, patrons will be asked to clear the lake until the rain has slowed or stopped. This is at the discretion of the Revolution Cable Park Staff.

Thunder and Lightning

If thunder or lightning can be seen or heard all patrons and staff must clear the lake. The Cable Lake will remain closed for 30 minutes from the last sound of thunder and/or from the sight of lightning. This decision and timing is determined by the Revolution Cable Park Staff.

Severe Thunderstorm /Tornado Watch

Guests will be advised that a “watch” has been issued and that the Cable Lake will close if threatening weather develops.

Guests will be advised that a “warning” has been issued and Revolution Cable Staff will direct them to a designated shelter area.



College Day is Friday
Show valid college ID and receive 20% OFF ride time on Friday ONLY. You must ask for discount before you ride at time of purchase.

Birthday Special

Ride time is free on your birthday. Does not include rentals. Must show proof of age and date of birth on paper (id, drivers liscense, birth certificate, permit, passport) Please call ahead for details.

The Birthday Special is a limited time offer.

NORMAL RATES (add tax)

Hourly cable use rates (these fees do not include any rental equipment)

1 hour $20
2 hour $28
4 hour $38
All Day$48

First Timer’s Pass
Only available for your first time at revolution.

2 hr cable pass, rental vest, rental helmet & beginner equipment rental (wakeboard with foot straps, wakeskate, kneeboard, water skis, or disk and you can interchange equipment throughout the two hours) $30 plus tax

Year Season Pass (365 days from the date of purchase)

6 Month Season Pass 


Call or stop in for pricing, details and availablity..

Group Discounts
Available for groups of 10 or more. All riders must be present at time of sign in.

Private Cable Rentals
Available during hours outside of normal operation.

Private Instruction/Lessons
Available by appointment, please call or email for pricing and to schedule a time and date.


Beginner Equipment (wakeboard with foot straps, wakeskate, kneeboard, waterskis, or disk and interchangeable throughout your cable use time)

2 hour $3
4 hour $6
all day $9

Premium Non-obstacle Board (wakeboard with bindings not allowed on kickers or sliders)
2 hour $10
4 hour $15
all day $20

Premium Obstacle Board (wakeboard with bindings, allowed on kickers and/or sliders)
2 hour $20
4 hour $30
all day $40

2 hour $3
4 hour $6
all day $9

Coast Guard Approved Life Vest
2 hour $3
4 hour $6
all day $9

Anyone under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent in front of a revolution cable employee. If a parent can not be present please have a waiver signed and notarized!

DOWNLOAD WAIVER at website http://www.revolutioncable.com/

Feb. 27, 2018

2327 SW 22nd St Cape Coral, FL 33991


Welcome to your new home! This 4 bedroom, 3 bath canal home in the sought after Trafalgar area has been so well cared for it is hard to believe its not brand new! This home embodies Florida living, at 2,120 sq. ft. is the right size for a large family or for having guests. The fourth bedroom can be used as another master with a separate bath.This gorgeous kitchen has all new, never used appliances including washer and dryer. Bonus addition to the back of the home which can be used for storage, business equipment or a workshop. Master bath has huge separate shower, jacuzzi tub and toilet has a wall mount grab bar. Huge walk in closet in Master.  Home also has built in surround sound. The large covered lanai with pavered deck has plenty of room for entertaining. Enjoy your evenings watching the sunset with a drink on your dock. Schedule your private showing today and make this your new home!                                                                                                                                        

2327 SW 22nd St. Cape Coral, FL 33991 - Front of Home

                  2327 SW 22nd St. Cape Coral, FL 33991 - Canal View 12327 SW 22nd St. Cape Coral, FL 33991 -Canal View 3                                                               


2327 SW 22nd St. Cape Coral, FL 33991 - Canal View 2

2327 SW 22nd St. Cape Coral, FL 33991 - Living Area

2327 SW 22nd St. Cape Coral, FL 33991 - Entry of Home2327 SW 22nd St. Cape Coral, FL 33991 - Entry and dining Area

2327 SW 22nd St. Cape Coral, FL 33991 -Kitchen view 22327 SW 22nd St. Cape Coral, FL 33991 - Kitchen View 1

2327 SW 22nd St. Cape Coral, FL 33991 -Master Bedroom2327 SW 22nd St. Cape Coral, FL 33991 -Master Bath Toilet

2327 SW 22nd St. Cape Coral, FL 33991 - Master Bath2327 SW 22nd St. Cape Coral, FL 33991 -Master Closet

       2327 SW 22nd St. Cape Coral, FL 33991 - 2nd Bedroom         2327 SW 22nd St. Cape Coral, FL 33991 - 2nd Bath2327 SW 22nd St. Cape Coral, FL 33991 - 3rd bedroom2327 SW 22nd St. Cape Coral, FL 33991 - 3rd bath

2327 SW 22nd St. Cape Coral, FL 33991 - Front of Home2327 SW 22nd St. Cape Coral, FL 33991 -Screen Porch

2327 SW 22nd St. Cape Coral, FL 33991 -Laundry Room2327 SW 22nd St. Cape Coral, FL 33991 -Garage

2327 SW 22nd St. Cape Coral, FL 33991 - Garage 22327 SW 22nd St. Cape Coral, FL 33991 - Side of Home

2327 SW 22nd St. Cape Coral, FL 33991 -Rear of Home


Feb. 26, 2018

How to Know if a Florida Vacation Home is Right For You?



Image by Pixabay


Anywhere you go in the U.S., you'll meet people who think their state is the best in the country. And there's nothing wrong with having pride in where you live. But, when it comes to choosing a vacation home, it just makes sense to pick a location that’s warm and affordable. For many people, that's Florida. Here are five reasons why, as listed in the Huffington Post:


  1. Climate. Anyone who has ever spent wintertime sneezing and shoveling snow understands why Florida is such a great place to spend the cold season. As for summertime, yes, it's true the Sunshine State gets pretty hot. Then again, so does much of the Northeast. But Florida is the only East Coast state that reliably enjoys 60-70-degree weather November through March. How do you beat that?
  2. Affordability. Not only is the cost of living lower in Florida than in most other states, there's no state income tax, estate tax, or inheritance tax. Not only that, but real estate is cheaper than you may think, especially if you're willing to look around a bit.
  3. Recreation. You're never far from the water when you live in Florida. This fact, combined with the mild weather, makes the state a perfect place for all kinds of health-promoting activities like golf, swimming, running, cycling, and gardening.
  4. Excellent healthcare. Florida is home to some of the best hospitals and clinics on earth.
  5. Mobility. There's no need to worry about blizzards shutting down the interstate or your car getting stuck on mountain roads with hairpin curves when you live in Florida. What little snow passes through the state melts quickly, followed by warm weather and sunshine.


Sound good so far? If so, then let's look at four tips for turning your dreams of a Florida vacation home into reality:


  1. Shop around. There are plenty of reasons to consider choosing a small town over a major metropolitan area, including lower housing costs, friendlier people, and a chance to sample authentic Florida culture. 
  2. Look past the sticker price. Sometimes a great-looking exterior may hide serious internal flaws. So take the advice of Family Handyman and hire a home inspector to give the property a thorough going over.
  3. Take a peek down the road. For example, you may love doing yard work at this point in your life. But in a few years, all that weeding, mowing, mulching, etc., may begin to wear on your joints. In most cases, it's better to err on the side of caution.
  4. Put the property to work when you're not around. Many vacation homeowners earn a tidy income renting their place during the off-season, either on a monthly basis or as a vacation spot. This can defer much of the cost of purchasing and maintaining the home.


How to Know If You're Ready 


Timing is everything when it comes to real estate. With that in mind, here's how to know if it’s the right time to purchase a Florida vacation home:


  • Your circumstances permit you to enjoy the home during a big chunk of the year. People who are still busy with their careers are probably better off waiting until retirement or semi-retirement to make the leap.
  • You like the area. Like any state, one section of Florida differs from another in terms of culture, climate, recreational opportunities, etc. Make sure you like the community in which you're interested before spending your hard-earned money.
  • The move makes sense when you weigh your assets against your debts. Lenders generally use the 28% rule when it comes to housing costs. This is a good rule of thumb for anyone thinking of buying a vacation property.


Warm weather, reasonable cost, and a wonderful pace of life: these are all great reasons to consider purchasing a Florida vacation home. So do your homework and decide if the Sunshine State is for you. If it is, then get ready to kiss the snow and ice goodbye.



About the author: Jim is a retired banker. He created MoneywithJim to share his advice and other resources on a variety of financial topics.

Feb. 25, 2018

The Entire Cape Coral Yacht Club and Beach House Restaurant Area

Feb. 19, 2018

Boat House Tiki Bar & Grill - Cape Coral Yacht Club

Feb. 13, 2018

Cape Coral Accolades


TOP REASON 10: Cape Coral Receives Frequent Recognition in Top Rankings

See What Industry Insiders are Saying About Cape Coral...

We have a lot of positive news to share, and we have come by our bragging rights honestly—valued by industry insiders CapeCoralEDOHelpingBusinessSucceedand analysts. Here are some recent accolades that the Cape Coral metropolitan area, Lee County and the State of Florida are proud to share with interested business investors:

Cape Coral Accolades

The Cape Coral metropolitan area was the best in the nation for expected hiring activity in the fourth quarter, according to the ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey. (September 2017)

The Cape Coral metropolitan area ranks No. 5 for young business owners by MoneyRates. (June 2017)

Allstate ranks Cape Coral fifth in the nation for safe driving in its “America’s Best Drivers Report.” (June 2017)

Two Cape Coral elementary schools are among Lee County’s highest scoring public schools on the third grade Florida Standards Assessment English Language Arts test. (May 2017)

College Choice names Florida SouthWestern State College in the Top 50 community colleges in America. (May 2017)

The Cape Coral metropolitan area job market ranks No. 2 in the nation in ManpowerGroup’s Employment Outlook Survey. (March 2017) 

Cape Coral lands at No. 75 on Millennial Personal Finance’s list of “Top 150 Cities for Millennials.” (February 2017)

Forbes ranks Cape Coral No. 1 on its “Fastest Growing Cities in the U.S.” list, based on data by Moody’s Analytics. (February 2017) 

Cape Coral lands at No. 34 on the LendEDU.com list for “Best Cities to Start a Family.” (February 2017)

Trulia ranks the Cape Coral metropolitan area No. 2 in its “Top 10 Hottest Real Estate Markets to Watch in 2017” and No. 2 on “Top 10 Cities Where People Are Moving in 2017.” (January 2017)

Cape Coral is No. 15 on the Milken Institute’s “Best Performing Cities in 2016” list for large cities. (December 2016)

Cape Coral is No. 5 on the U.S. Census Bureau’s list of “25 Fastest Growing Metro Areas.” (October 2016)

Forbes names Cape Coral the top U.S. metropolitan area for future job growth. (October 2016)

The Cape Coral metropolitan area ranks among the top 50 in the nation for its positive GDP growth rate of 5.3 percent, according to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. (September 2016)

The Cape Coral metropolitan area makes the Top 10 list for fastest job growth. (Bloomberg, August 2016)

The research company Niche ranks Cape Coral No. 17 in its 2016 list of safest cities in the U.S. (July 2016)

Forbes reports that the Cape Coral metropolitan area is the best place in the nation for job growth based on labor-market data from Emsi. (July 2016)

The research site CreditDonkey ranks Cape Coral No. 3 on its “Top 10 Happiest Cities to Live in Florida.” (May 2016)

Cape Coral ranks No. 3 in the “Most Affordable Cities to Live in Florida” survey by Livability.com. (March 2016)

Cape Coral ranks No.10 on Forbes’ “Cities to Watch” list for its fast-growing population and economy in 2016. (March 2016)

Cape Coral ranks among the top 10 housing investment cities in the U.S. in a Forbes report based on data from research company Local Market Monitor. (February 2016)

The Cape Coral metropolitan area ranks No. 1 for anticipated job gains in a study by research firm HIS Global Insight. (January 2016)

Cape Coral once again ranks in the 2016 Top 10 best places to retire (WalletHub, September 2016) and in the Top 25 in Forbes’ annual retirement report.

Florida Accolades 

Florida ranks No. 4 on Kiplinger’s list of “Most Tax-Friendly States.” (November 2017)

Florida is the No. 1 destination for people outside of the state who are planning to move, according to the Lending Tree’s analysis of purchase mortgage requests from October 2016 to October 2017.

Florida has the fourth most competitive tax code in the United States, according to the nonprofit Tax Foundation (October 2017). The Sunshine State had the most competitive individual income tax structure and the second-most competitive unemployment insurance tax structure.

Florida ranks as the No. 2 state for doing business for the fifth straight year by Chief Executive Magazine. (May 2017)

Florida ranks as the No. 1 state for military retirees, according to WalletHub. (May 2017)

The U.S. Small Business Administration lists Florida as one of the top three states for veteran-owned businesses. (May 2017)

Florida’s real gross domestic product (GDP) rose 3.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2016, ranking the Sunshine State fourth nationally. For all of 2016, Florida's GDP increased 3 percent, ranking fifth, according to the U.S. Commerce Department. (May 2017)

Florida ranks in the top 10 states with the highest rate of employment in the tech sector. (April 2017)

In 2016, Florida ranked No. 5 for commercial real estate development, according to the National Association of Industrial and Office Parks for the Commercial Real Estate Development Association. (April 2017)

Florida residents have the sixth lowest state tax burden in the U.S., according to WalletHub. (April 2017)

Florida ranks No. 1 for entrepreneurship and No. 6 for overall business environment in a U.S. News & World Report report. (April 2017)

Florida residents pay relatively low taxes compared to the quality of government services they receive. Florida ranks No. 3 nationwide in the survey for return on taxes, according to WalletHub. (March 2017)

According to U.S. News and World Report, Florida is the No. 1 state in the nation for higher education based on tuition and graduation rates. (March 2017)

Florida is the top-ranked state for “Best Business Climate” in Business Facilities’ 2016 State Rankings. (August 2016)

Florida jumps to No. 10 in CNBC’s annual “America’s Top States for Business” poll. (July 2016)

Florida’s economy will continue to outpace the rest of the country for the next four years, pushing the state toward a $1 trillion economy by 2018, according to an economic forecast from the University of Central Florida. (Tampa Bay Times, June 2016)

The Sunshine State ranks No. 10 among the best states to be a taxpayer. (WalletHub, March 2016)

Florida ranks No. 1 in the nation for its growth of women-owned businesses, according to the 2016 State of Women-Owned Businesses report, commissioned by American Express OPEN.

Note: Rankings updated on 11/27/17

Source: https://www.capecoral.net/edo/top_10_reasons/10_city_of_superlatives/index.php

Feb. 13, 2018

Forbes Ranks Cape Coral Fastest Growing City

Posted: Feb 11, 2017 6:39 PM ESTUpdated: Feb 11, 2017 7:04 PM EST

Sunshine, safety, and scenery are just some of the reasons many people are moving to Cape Coral – and staying there.

With the recent growth and people traveling to the area, Forbes has ranked Cape Coral/Fort Myers as number one for America's fastest growing cities of 2017.

Lola Mindykowski bought a home in Cape Coral in November of 2016.

"It has a lot to offer, great food, great restaurants entertainment," she said. "It was the right time for us, here we are, and we love it."

Cape Realty agent Frank Ehrbardt says they have seen an increase in February with people wanting to buy homes in the area so much so that they had to increase their staff.

"It seems like buyers are starting to pull the trigger again," he said. "Cape Coral is going to be one of the best real-estate markets over the next couple of years, in terms of value over major metropolitan areas."

According to Forbes, the population grew almost four percent in 2016 and predicted it will expand even more in the coming year.

"What we are seeing as increase in the hospitality industry as well as real-estate industry, we also are one of the best city's for job growth," said city public affairs manager Connie Barron.

Cape Coral is no stranger to the top spot as they held the Forbes number one spot as the fastest growing city for a few years in the mid-2000s, but after the market had crashed, that changed.

"We went from a high to a low, and to see that we are coming back is good news."

Nine out of the 25 cities that were ranked are in Florida. Orlando came in at number 2 while Tampa ranked at 9 and Miami at 12.

Source: http://www.nbc-2.com/story/34482635/forbes-ranks-cape-coral-as-fastest-growing-city

Feb. 13, 2018

Cape Coral Ranked 22nd Safest in Country

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Cape Coral has been ranked the 22nd safest city in the country in a new study by wallethub.

The safest city surveyed was Nashua, New Hampshire and Fort Lauderdale was ranked the most dangerous of the 182 cities surveyed.

Several other Florida cities were ranked, including Port St. Lucie at 52, Tallahassee at 70, Jacksonville at 95, Hialeah at 96, Tampa at 108 and Miami at 144.

Researches factored in the number of law enforcement employees, traffic deaths, crime rates, uninsured people and even homeless people. 

 Source: https://www.fox4now.com/news/local-news/cape-coral-among-top-25-safest-cities-in-america

Feb. 13, 2018

Cape Coral maintains "Second-Safest City" Title

Cape Coral maintains 'second-safest city' title


While violent crime increased, the "second-safest" city in Florida maintained its reputation with crime down 3.2 percent overall for 2016, Cape Coral Police Department said in a release today.

"While there are always societal factors that are beyond our control, we are pleased to see a decrease in non-violent crime for 2016," Chief David Newlan said. "Despite an increase in violent crimes for 2016 of 24 total incidents, Cape Coral remains down in violent crime 6.7 percent over the last 2 years." 

According to statistics compiled by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement,  Cape Coral experienced an increase of violent crimes of 12 percent. The increase came as a result of violent crime incidents rising to 224 total incidents in 2016 from 200 total incidents in 2015. 

The report includes five murders and 16 rapes last year. 

Non-violent crimes dropped to 3,081 in 2016 from 3,136 incidents in 2015, or 1.8 percent, police report.

Total crime incidents including violent crime and property crimes decreased year over year to 3,305 from 3,336, or a decrease of 0.9 percent.

"I'm proud of our officers, detectives, forensics, telecommunications, civilian support personnel, and police volunteers for their hard work to keep crime low and to make Cape Coral a safe place to live," Newlan said.  

The "Index Crime Rate" is calculated for the number of Part I crimes per 100,000 residents. They include murder, sex offenses, aggravated assault, robbery, burglary, larceny, and motor vehicle thefts. 

The Index Crime Rate for Cape Coral dropped to 1938.7 in 2016 from 2003.5 in 2015, a decrease of 3.2 percent.

Port St. Lucie remained the safest city, with Coral Springs, Palm Bay, and Miramar rounding out the top five. 



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